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Card Tricks With A Svengali Deck

Check out this video for some great routine ideas with the Svengali Deck!

Notable YouTube comment:

“I have seriously made someone hit their head against the wall because this trick was so amazing.”

Gotta love the Svengali Deck!

David Blaine Performs Invisible Deck

Here’s an excellent example of how devastatingly simple the Invisible Deck can be when performed well.

Hard to believe that this routine could be learned and performed by an absolute beginner in less than 30 minutes. That is the true power of the Invisible Deck! No wonder they call it the best card trick in the world.

Svengali Deck

The Svengali Deck is an amazingly engineered piece of magic that allows for some truly mind blowing effects. Many of the tricks performed with the Svengali Deck are self-working and require little practice, making this a great deck for beginners. Don’t be mistaken though, there is plenty of room to grow with the Svengali, which is why professional magicians have been using it since 1909.

Svengali Deck Effect:

The magician begins by riffling through the deck, showing what appears to be a normal deck of cards. The spectator selects a card and returns it to the deck, which is then shuffled by the magician. The spectator is asked to cut the deck anywhere they please, magically they have cut to their selected card. The magician then shows that all the cards in the deck have changed into the spectators selected card! (Watch everyone’s jaw DROP)

svengali deckSvengali Deck Secret:

The secret to the Svengali Deck is that its cards alternate between regular length cards and shortened cards, with the shortened cards all having the same suit and number value. This allows the deck to be riffled front to back to show only the normal cards, and riffled from back to front to show all the shortened cards.

The Svengali Deck can be riffle shuffled and cut without losing it’s integrity, making it a very believable trick deck. The card forcing/controlling power of the Svengali Deck can be applied to classic card magic, making tricks such as the Ambitious Card routine incredibly easy to perform.

This trick deck is recommended for those looking to quickly perform professional level magic without having to learn slight of hand or technical magic skills. The Svengali is excellent for self-working tricks and the easy forcing of cards. Advanced magicians can incorporate this deck into their existing card magic routines for a highly visual finally.

Alternate Names: TV Magic Cards

Invisible Deck

The Invisible Deck has long been referred to by many as the greatest card trick in the world. There are a wide variety of routines that can be done with the invisible deck, from very simple and fast, to more theatrical and elaborate. No matter which routine you choose to perform, the effect is going to be absolutely STUNNING to the spectator. Some benefits of the Invisible Deck are that it is easy to learn (takes about 15 minutes of practice), can be performed completely surrounded and impromptu, can be repeated instantly, and works EVERY time with ANY chosen card.

invisible deckInvisible Deck Effect:

Imagine the reactions when you perform this magic miracle. You begin by asking the spectator to THINK of any one card in the deck, giving them complete freedom without any chance of you influencing their choice. You then pull out a normal looking pack of playing cards, still inside the box, and ask the spectator what their thought of card is. The deck is then carefully removed from the box and fanned out, showing that it is indeed a normal deck, except for one thing. There is one card face down in the pack, the spectator removes the card and, you guessed it, it’s their selected card!

Invisible Deck Secret:

The secret to the Invisible Deck magic trick is a little bit complicated, but can be learned with about 15-30 minutes practice and some memorization. The deck itself is setup in an alternating face up, face down pattern. The cards are held back-to-back through the use of a special roughing liquid applied to the backs of all cards.

The deck is then organized to create specific pairs of cards, each bonded with it’s mate by the roughing liquid on their backs. Cards are organized with all odd cards facing one direction, and all even cards facing the opposite. Clubs paired with diamonds, spades paired with hearts. Card values are paired to create a total value of 13, such as 9′s and 4′s, A’s and Q’s, 2′s and J’s. Kings, having a value of 13, are paired with other kings, and setup with red kings being considered Even, and black kings being Odd.

When the deck is fanned out by the magician, the roughing liquid prevents any flashing of the backs of the opposite facing cards. Once the selected card’s mate is located, the selected card can be slid out from underneath, making it appear as though it was the only face down card in the deck.

Alternate Names: Ultra Mental Deck

Brainwave Deck

The Brainwave Deck is one of the lesser known magic trick decks which works on a similar principle to the Invisible Deck. The difference between the Brainwave Deck and the Invisible Deck is that with the Brainwave Deck the spectator’s chosen card will have a different colored back than the rest of the deck. This further sells the effect and makes it seem even more impossible that you did anything to alter the chosen card.

brainwave deck

Brainwave Deck Effect:

The magician produces and deck of cards, closed inside their box, and explains that they have made a prediction by reversing one card in the pack. The spectator is asked to name any one card in the deck. The magician opens the pack of cards and spreads through them very cleanly in plain sight of the spectator, showing that there is only one card reversed in the deck. The card is flipped over and shown to indeed be the spectators card! The magician then turns over the deck and chosen card, showing that the deck has a different colored back than the chosen card.

Brainwave Deck Secret:

The Brainwave Deck works on the same technical principle as the Invisible Deck to locate the spectator’s chosen card. The only difference is that the odd and even cards have different colored backs, usually blue and red. This can be used to further sell the concept that their chosen card was indeed placed there by you and unlike the rest of the cards in the pack. The Brainwave Deck also allows for other creative twists on classic Invisible Deck routines. A definite must have for all levels of magicians.

Gaff Deck

A Gaff Deck is a deck of specially printed cards which are used in conjunction with a regular deck. These cards allow you to perform magic tricks that appear to change the very printing on the cards. This opens up a whole new world of creativity and imagination in your card magic routines.

Gaff Decks work extremely well because most spectators are unaware that specially printed cards even exist. Even seasoned magicians can be surprised and entertained by card tricks that make use of cards from a Gaff Deck.

Gaff Deck Tricks:

There are hundreds of gaffed cards in production, allowing for endless tricks and effects, here are just a few ideas of effects that can be done with a Gaff Deck:

  • An ace of hearts with a “broken heart” pip in the center
  • A “dead” king of spades with skull and skeleton hands
  • A card with a blank face and regular printing on top of the bicycle back design
  • A 13 of Diamonds
  • Blurred 6 of hearts
  • A joker holding the spectators selected card

gaff deck

There are really too many different gaffed cards to mention here, some of which are quite extreme, shocking, and amazing, sure to get big reactions and spice up your card magic.

Stripper Deck

The Stripper Deck is one of the most versatile trick decks in all of magic, allowing the magician to easily control the location of one or more cards within the pack. This control can be maintained even after a SPECTATOR completely shuffles the deck. Chosen card(s) can be located at any time, or controlled to the top or bottom of the deck with a few innocent cuts. The Stripper Deck is a powerful tool that allows for a lot of imagination and flexibility when creating new routines.

stripper deck

Stripper Deck Effect:

A card is freely selected by the spectator, memorized, and returned to the deck. Immediately, the spectator is handed the deck and told to shuffle the cards, losing their selected card somewhere in the middle of the pack. The deck is returned to the magician and cut once. Voila! The spectators card has now magically risen to the

top of the Stripper Deck. Alternatively, the card can be pulled directly from the middle of the deck at any time. This effect can be repeated immediately with a different card, performed impromptu and, having no bad angles, can be performed completely surrounded. Perfect for street magicians!

Stripper Deck Secret:

Stripper Deck card tricks work thanks to the special tapered cut of the deck. Because the deck is slightly off of it’s usual rectangular shape, one end of the deck is always slightly wider than the other. When a card is rotated 180° and placed back in the deck, it’s extra width on one end will stick out slightly from the rest of the cards’ narrow end, allowing the magician to locate and control the card by feel or by sight.

Alternate Names: Tapered Deck, Wizard Deck, or Diseauté deck