Magic Trick with Trick Decks

Brainwave Deck

The Brainwave Deck is one of the lesser known magic trick decks which works on a similar principle to the Invisible Deck. The difference between the Brainwave Deck and the Invisible Deck is that with the Brainwave Deck the spectator’s chosen card will have a different colored back than the rest of the deck. This further sells the effect and makes it seem even more impossible that you did anything to alter the chosen card.

brainwave deck

Brainwave Deck Effect:

The magician produces and deck of cards, closed inside their box, and explains that they have made a prediction by reversing one card in the pack. The spectator is asked to name any one card in the deck. The magician opens the pack of cards and spreads through them very cleanly in plain sight of the spectator, showing that there is only one card reversed in the deck. The card is flipped over and shown to indeed be the spectators card! The magician then turns over the deck and chosen card, showing that the deck has a different colored back than the chosen card.

Brainwave Deck Secret:

The Brainwave Deck works on the same technical principle as the Invisible Deck to locate the spectator’s chosen card. The only difference is that the odd and even cards have different colored backs, usually blue and red. This can be used to further sell the concept that their chosen card was indeed placed there by you and unlike the rest of the cards in the pack. The Brainwave Deck also allows for other creative twists on classic Invisible Deck routines. A definite must have for all levels of magicians.