Magic Trick with Trick Decks

Gaff Deck

A Gaff Deck is a deck of specially printed cards which are used in conjunction with a regular deck. These cards allow you to perform magic tricks that appear to change the very printing on the cards. This opens up a whole new world of creativity and imagination in your card magic routines.

Gaff Decks work extremely well because most spectators are unaware that specially printed cards even exist. Even seasoned magicians can be surprised and entertained by card tricks that make use of cards from a Gaff Deck.

Gaff Deck Tricks:

There are hundreds of gaffed cards in production, allowing for endless tricks and effects, here are just a few ideas of effects that can be done with a Gaff Deck:

  • An ace of hearts with a “broken heart” pip in the center
  • A “dead” king of spades with skull and skeleton hands
  • A card with a blank face and regular printing on top of the bicycle back design
  • A 13 of Diamonds
  • Blurred 6 of hearts
  • A joker holding the spectators selected card

gaff deck

There are really too many different gaffed cards to mention here, some of which are quite extreme, shocking, and amazing, sure to get big reactions and spice up your card magic.