Magic Trick with Trick Decks

Invisible Deck

The Invisible Deck has long been referred to by many as the greatest card trick in the world. There are a wide variety of routines that can be done with the invisible deck, from very simple and fast, to more theatrical and elaborate. No matter which routine you choose to perform, the effect is going to be absolutely STUNNING to the spectator. Some benefits of the Invisible Deck are that it is easy to learn (takes about 15 minutes of practice), can be performed completely surrounded and impromptu, can be repeated instantly, and works EVERY time with ANY chosen card.

invisible deckInvisible Deck Effect:

Imagine the reactions when you perform this magic miracle. You begin by asking the spectator to THINK of any one card in the deck, giving them complete freedom without any chance of you influencing their choice. You then pull out a normal looking pack of playing cards, still inside the box, and ask the spectator what their thought of card is. The deck is then carefully removed from the box and fanned out, showing that it is indeed a normal deck, except for one thing. There is one card face down in the pack, the spectator removes the card and, you guessed it, it’s their selected card!

Invisible Deck Secret:

The secret to the Invisible Deck magic trick is a little bit complicated, but can be learned with about 15-30 minutes practice and some memorization. The deck itself is setup in an alternating face up, face down pattern. The cards are held back-to-back through the use of a special roughing liquid applied to the backs of all cards.

The deck is then organized to create specific pairs of cards, each bonded with it’s mate by the roughing liquid on their backs. Cards are organized with all odd cards facing one direction, and all even cards facing the opposite. Clubs paired with diamonds, spades paired with hearts. Card values are paired to create a total value of 13, such as 9′s and 4′s, A’s and Q’s, 2′s and J’s. Kings, having a value of 13, are paired with other kings, and setup with red kings being considered Even, and black kings being Odd.

When the deck is fanned out by the magician, the roughing liquid prevents any flashing of the backs of the opposite facing cards. Once the selected card’s mate is located, the selected card can be slid out from underneath, making it appear as though it was the only face down card in the deck.

Alternate Names: Ultra Mental Deck