Magic Trick with Trick Decks

Stripper Deck

The Stripper Deck is one of the most versatile trick decks in all of magic, allowing the magician to easily control the location of one or more cards within the pack. This control can be maintained even after a SPECTATOR completely shuffles the deck. Chosen card(s) can be located at any time, or controlled to the top or bottom of the deck with a few innocent cuts. The Stripper Deck is a powerful tool that allows for a lot of imagination and flexibility when creating new routines.

stripper deck

Stripper Deck Effect:

A card is freely selected by the spectator, memorized, and returned to the deck. Immediately, the spectator is handed the deck and told to shuffle the cards, losing their selected card somewhere in the middle of the pack. The deck is returned to the magician and cut once. Voila! The spectators card has now magically risen to the

top of the Stripper Deck. Alternatively, the card can be pulled directly from the middle of the deck at any time. This effect can be repeated immediately with a different card, performed impromptu and, having no bad angles, can be performed completely surrounded. Perfect for street magicians!

Stripper Deck Secret:

Stripper Deck card tricks work thanks to the special tapered cut of the deck. Because the deck is slightly off of it’s usual rectangular shape, one end of the deck is always slightly wider than the other. When a card is rotated 180° and placed back in the deck, it’s extra width on one end will stick out slightly from the rest of the cards’ narrow end, allowing the magician to locate and control the card by feel or by sight.

Alternate Names: Tapered Deck, Wizard Deck, or Diseauté deck